Frequently Asked Questions

You will enjoy savings of at least 10% if you use this Online Client Tool to order namecard prints, over our regular sales channels. In the long run, this will add up to significant cost savings.

You will also save time by managing your print orders directly at your own convenience without the need for back and forth communication with a Client Support Administrator for a straightforward print job.

If your business requires regular print orders for namecards for different individuals, we highly recommend that we create a bespoke virtual print shop just for your organization at MINIMAL COST.

Learn more about this HERE.

For the “Upload and Print” option, the service is completely FREE and you just pay for the print fulfilment charges (delivery charge is included in the price).

For the Custom Namecard Printing Shop option, there is a minimal one-time set-up fee to create your custom virtual print shop, name card templates as well as to create payment authorization roles based on your requirements.

Subsequently, you just pay for the print fulfilment charges (delivery charge is included in the price).

The minimum order is 2 boxes of 100 namecards each.

Upon receiving your order, it will be processed within 24 hours and sent to production for printing. Your order will be packed and shipped the following day. Delivery typically takes 2 to 3 working days.

Yes, we have a professional creative & communication design team who can help you design a namecard to best communicate your brand and business.

Charges include a concept fee and graphic design fee based on the complexity of the design.

To get a quote for your namecard design, please contact us at:

Here are 3 reasons clients choose us for their printing needs:


We have been printing since 1951 and are a total-solutions print fulfilment house with a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies, global MNCs, GLCs, statutory boards, corporations, SMEs and well-known retail brands. Your namecard print job is in capable hands.


The quality of paper and digital presses make a difference. Our paper is FSC-approved, sustainable and meet industry standards. We print your name cards on Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press that ensures a high-quality print and image reproduction.


While we offer only high quality print results and have invested heavily in technology that allows clients to print-on-demand through this online tool, we still offer a highly competitive price.

Yes, we currently offer Online Client Tools for Training/ Workshop Notes (link) and will soon cater for Large Format Prints in Oct 2019.

We are constantly evaluating the needs of our clients and our Digital Innovation team is always developing Online Client Tools to help clients save time and money.

If you have a suggestion for an Online Client Tool, please email us at:

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